Toy Can for Chips

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A plastic tub of plastic toy food

The Problem

For Christmas this year, we bought my daughter a Kidcraft Kitchen. I wanted to get her some toy food to go with it, so I grabbed this tub of food from amazon. It’s a really random assortment of food and the sizes don’t make sense relative to each other, however, it met my need of quickly getting my kid a collection of food to play with in her kitchen at an inexpensive price.

One thing that bothered me when we opened up the tub was that it comes with a bunch of chips, but nothing they go in. Just loose chips. So I decided to make something similar to a Pringles can to put the chips in.

A red can with a white lid, 3d-printed in PLA

The Solution

It was a pretty easy design to draw up, so I decided to add a little complexity by making a notch for the lid to catch to stay on. So on the can there is a ridge and on the lid there is an indent. It’s tight enough that it will stay on with the can held upside down with the chips inside, but not so tight that it’s difficult to get off. That said, my daughter has been bringing it to me to take the lid off (she puts it on herself) so maybe a slight adjustment is in order.

Want One?

I’ve posted the design on Thingiverse in case anyone wants to print a can of their own

Tools Used

Materials Used

  • Toy chips from this tub of toy food (Buy One)
  • Red and White PLA
    • Check out our Materials page for current filament brand recommendations.

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