I’ve tried a few different sets of digital calipers over the years (mostly because I misplace them…oops). So far these calipers from iGaging are the ones I like the best.

It is easy to switch between inches and millimeters. The buttons are easy to press and not finicky (an experience I have had with some of my other calipers).

Most importantly, they give consistent measurements. I have had sets where the reported measurement would be slightly different every time I opened and closed them. That is not the case with these. I can open and close them as many times as I want and zero is still 0.0000. It doesn’t turn into 0.0002 or -0.0001 randomly.

The Case

They came in a hard plastic case with a foam insert cut to hold them in place. I definitely prefer the foam to the plastic I found in one case of calipers I purchased.

For me the biggest downside is that they are not the prettiest thing in the world. But functionality is far more important than flair in this case.

In my opinion, this is a great mid-range set of calipers for the hobbyist maker. If you don’t want to drop upwards of $100 on Mitutoyos, but you don’t want to buy something so cheap that it’s useless, these are a great alternative.

Alternative sizes available

They also sell a 4″ model of these same calipers. (You can actually go all the way up to a 40″ model if you want larger ones as well.) I ordered them thinking they’d be smaller to tuck in my purse, only to find that they came in the same case as the 6″ model. So that was disappointing but I ended up buying one of these charging cable pouches from Amazon. I just tuck the “head” of the calipers into the pouch so I don’t get stabbed if I reach into my purse, and it helps keep the buttons safe from random mashing (not as much as a hard case would, but oh well). Saves me hauling the oversized case around.