Alternative Legs for IKEA UTTER Children’s Stool

White stool on a black background. Stool has been altered with 3D-printed legs to make it shorter.

My husband recently took a remote job and we’ve been working on our home office space to make it comfortable for both of us. My daughter made frequent visits to the office and immediately latched onto an old keyboard and monitor we had lying around. I decided I wanted to set up a little desk space in there for her as well so she could pretend to work on the computer like Mom and Dad sometimes.

Simple Alternative Playpen Door Latch

wide view of 3d printed latch for dwingular playpen

This is one of the first things I made after getting home from the hospital with my little one. Of course, she was too small at the time to need to be contained from rolling/crawling/walking around. However, I needed to be able to have a space to play with her on the floor without canine […]

Slide-in Mount for Cocoon Cam Smart Baby Monitor

Cocoon cam mounted in 3d-printed slide mount on wall

We use a Cocoon Cam as our main baby monitoring device. It’s a smart camera that can monitor baby’s movement and breathing, in addition to providing the typical audio/video feed. It sends phone notifications when she falls asleep or wakes up, which is really cool. However, I ran into a problem when I wanted to […]