Headphone Hook for Wire Rack

headphones hanging from wire rack on 3d printed hook
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With all the time spent at home lately, I decided my desk was getting too cluttered. It occurred to me that I should print a hook for my headphones to get them up out of the way. Looking around my home office, it made the most sense to hang them from the wire rack that sits next to my desk. I started drawing a design.

Version 1

My first design worked but was really unstable. I had only been thinking about making sure the thing didn’t fall off the rack and nothing more. So I made a small adjustment, adding another prong to the top to keep it steady. It’s a little hard to get in place but once it’s there it is much more stable. There is still some side to side movement, but I don’t mind.

Version 2

Putting Prototypes to Good Use

I let my daughter use the earlier prototypes. She’s not quite 2 and I have an extra keyboard and monitor set up on a lower shelf of the rack so she can come in and play computer while Mom and Dad are working on things. She also plays with an older set of headphones so now she has a place to hang them too. Bonus!

Want One?

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Print your own on Thingiverse

Tools Used

Materials Used

  • Black PLA
    • Check out our Materials page for current filament brand recommendations.

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