Cup Holder for Little Tikes Playset

Shows a 3d-printed cup holder in use on a swingset
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The Problem

We bought the Little Tikes Grizzly Grotto Playset for my daughter and her favorite thing to do is have us push her in the swing (she’s only 2). I found myself heading out with her after dinner each evening, still sipping my drink from the night’s meal (usually Pepsi). There was no good place to put it while pushing her on the swing. I could set it on the deck and walk back and forth. Or set up a camping chair with cup holder for a shorter trip. But I just wanted somewhere to keep a drink close by.

First Attempts

The problem of not having a cupholder is one often easily remedied by 3D-printing. I fired up fusion 360 and whipped up a quick sketch. Then I thought, let’s make it a little more interesting. I wanted to make some sort of pattern in the cupholder. I found the voronoi generator and did some google searching to learn how to use it. Then I did some more searching to figure out how to apply the pattern to a curved surface. After playing around with the parameters, I came up with something I liked. 

Unfortunately, my first design failed while printing on my ender 3. Part of the clip didn’t adhere well enough to the platform and fell over mid-print. It was pretty skinny so I shored it up a bit. Also, the Voronoi design I’d chosen did not have curved edges and was pretty saggy without supports. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time pulling supports off so I adjusted the design to use curves so it would print more smoothly without them.

The Solution

The final version looks fun and can be hooked onto various spots on the playset. Perhaps someday my daughter will use it to keep a water bottle around while she reads in the little nook underneath. I found it also works as a quick place to tuck my phone if I don’t have a pocket. Often my mom likes to do video calls with my daughter while she plays so this gives me a place to set the phone if I need my hands for a minute.

Shows a 3d-printed cup holder in use on a swingset

Want One?


This design is available to download for free on Thingiverse.

Tools Used

Materials Used

  • Orange PLA
    • This particular one was printed with Inland Orange PLA. 
    • Check out our Materials page for current filament brand recommendations.

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