Headphone Hook for Wire Rack

headphones hanging from wire rack on 3d printed hook

With all the time spent at home lately, I decided my desk was getting too cluttered. It occurred to me that I should print a hook for my headphones to get them up out of the way. Looking around my home office, it made the most sense to hang them from the wire rack that sits next to my desk.

High Score Cards For Board Games

wet erase high score card with pen

I was playing Azul with my husband when I came up with the idea for this project. Well, actually we’d finished playing and were adding up our final scores. I thought, “this must be my highest score yet!” but I really had no way of knowing. I came up with an idea to have something to keep track of each of our personal best scores, and maybe a few other things as well. Could I have done this with an app? Sure, but that would have been a lot more work and besides, one of the nice things about playing board games is that I don’t need a phone or computer to do it (usually).