Slide-in Mount for Cocoon Cam Smart Baby Monitor

Cocoon Cam installed using my slide-in bracket

We use a Cocoon Cam as our main baby monitoring device. It’s a smart camera that can monitor baby’s movement and breathing, in addition to providing the typical audio/video feed. It sends phone notifications when she falls asleep or wakes up, which is really cool.

However, I ran into a problem when I wanted to be able to move it from room to room. We currently have our daughter sleeping in a mini crib in our room at night, and in a normal-sized crib in her room for some of her naps if I need to be able to access the bedroom without waking her up. The Cocoon Cam is designed to be attached to the wall with screws that go into the base of the camera itself, which isn’t very mobile. So, I decided to print a solution myself.

Empty bracket installed on the wall

I measured the base of the camera with my trusty calipers and designed this bracket. The bracket is screwed into the wall, and then the camera base slides into it. I printed two of them and installed one in each room where I wanted to use the Cocoon Cam. Now it’s easy to move the camera from room to room! If we wanted to, we could easily add a bracket to other locations where she might frequently sleep – like Grandma’s house.

Possible Future Improvements

Overall I’m happy with the bracket, but I might consider making a future revision where the height can be adjusted – so you don’t have to drill new holes if you didn’t get the height just right the first time around. I also might try to make a base that could be set on a shelf or something instead of drilling into the wall. This could be difficult though as the smart features of the camera really require that it has a bird’s eye view of the crib and I wouldn’t want to risk it falling on the baby if it were unsecured.

Want One?

If you like this design and want to use it, here are some options:

If you have access to a 3d printer, you can download the files from thingiverse and print your own.

Alternately, you can buy some from my Etsy store. I sell them in sets of two brackets with mounting screws and drywall anchors included.

Tools Used In This Project

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