Simple Alternative Playpen Door Latch

wide view of 3d printed latch for dwingular playpen

This is one of the first things I made after getting home from the hospital with my little one. Of course, she was too small at the time to need to be contained from rolling/crawling/walking around. However, I needed to be able to have a space to play with her on the floor without canine […]

High Score Cards For Board Games

wet erase high score card with pen

I was playing Azul with my husband when I came up with the idea for this project. Well, actually we’d finished playing and were adding up our final scores. I thought, “this must be my highest score yet!” but I really had no way of knowing. I came up with an idea to have something to keep track of each of our personal best scores, and maybe a few other things as well. Could I have done this with an app? Sure, but that would have been a lot more work and besides, one of the nice things about playing board games is that I don’t need a phone or computer to do it (usually).

Slide-in Mount for Cocoon Cam Smart Baby Monitor

Cocoon cam mounted in 3d-printed slide mount on wall

We use a Cocoon Cam as our main baby monitoring device. It’s a smart camera that can monitor baby’s movement and breathing, in addition to providing the typical audio/video feed. It sends phone notifications when she falls asleep or wakes up, which is really cool. However, I ran into a problem when I wanted to […]