First Post

Welcome to Maker Goose, where I will post about the various projects I complete both on my own and with my family.

I focus most of my making efforts on things to make life easier, though I do also do a lot of decorative signs and things for wedding/shower gifts.

I’ll put a list of tools we used for a project at the bottom of each post, but I’ll keep an overall list of the tools I’m currently using on the Toolbox page, so you can see everything we use in one place.

I’ll also try to let you know how to get your hands on anything I’ve made, whether you want to download files and make it yourself, or just buy one pre-made.

To end this first post on a random fun note, here’s a picture of one of my dogs next to a half-built 3D-printer

Fetsi likes to try to help with everything.

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