Toy Can for Chips

For Christmas this year, we bought my daughter a Kidcraft Kitchen. I wanted to get her some toy food to go with it, so I grabbed this tub of food from amazon. It’s a really random assortment of food and the sizes don’t make sense relative to each other, however, it met my need of quickly getting my kid a collection of food to play with in her kitchen at an inexpensive price.

One thing that bothered me when we opened up the tub was that it comes with a bunch of chips, but nothing they go in. Just loose chips. So I decided to make something similar to a Pringles can to put the chips in.

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Alternative Legs for IKEA UTTER Children’s Stool

My husband recently took a remote job and we’ve been working on our home office space to make it comfortable for both of us. My daughter made frequent visits to the office and immediately latched onto an old keyboard and monitor we had lying around. I decided I wanted to set up a little desk space in there for her as well so she could pretend to work on the computer like Mom and Dad sometimes.

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Child’s Play Kitchen Cabinet Door Latch Replacement

We got our daughter the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen for Christmas. She loved it. There was one problem though. She’s about 17 months old, and she wasn’t yet able to pull the cabinet doors open once they were closed. So we got into this cycle where she would close a door, cry to me to open it, and then close it again a few minutes later. Over and over and over.

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